VEGAN DELI - Fitfood, Veggietude, Veggiefood


LINCK is proud to introduce FIT FOOD Vegan Deli, VEGGITUDE Vegan Deli & VEGGIFOOD Vegan Deli

The products are MEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE.
All our specific brands have now additional Organic or Conventional Vegan line added.

LINCK since 1998 is exclusively producing vegetarian foods that were tasty and easy to adapt in all your favorite dishes.

They are easy to cook and to share with family and friends, as their ingredients are friendly with all eating habits.

Since lately, we have developed new recipes with different plant-based ingredients and spices to create completely Meat Free and Dairy Free products.

The Vegan Deli lines now have Cold Cut Slices, Cheesy Slices, Crispy Medallions with Vegan Cheese inside, Shredded Cheeses, and soon, Vegan Sausages and Vegan Quinoa steaks.

The Vegan Deli lines always have their different Main Courses with products such as: Roasted Aiguillettes, Cordon Bleu, Nuggets, Burger Natural, Burger Vegetables, Schnitzel, Balls Natural and our tasty Falafels.

Concerning our Vegan Deli Cheeses, they are now naturally rich in Calcium and Vitamin B12!

All our Vegan products can be adapted into toppings such as cubes or strips, to easily put them on your pizza, salads and other preparations.

Our products are available in Retail or Bulk packaging, for anyone to create and inspire the recipes of tomorrow.

The products are MEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE.

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