Food Service

Take your menu to the next level with our organic product line-up.
From appetizers and starters to snacks and main dish, you can satisfy all cravings.
Food Service List

Cold cuts

You deserve a break

Vegetarian & Plant-based Cold Cuts Alternatives

Ideal for Salad topping, Pizza topping, Sandwich filling & more …

Our standard cuts :

  • Slices    Ø 6cm to Ø 9cm
  • Cubes   10 x 10 x 10mm
  • Strips     6 x 6 x 12mm
  • Log to slice or cut   Ø 6cm to Ø 9cm

Alternatives to Chorizo, Pepperoni, Salami, Mortadella, Poultry style & more … for your favorite meals.  

Cheese alternative

It's not cheesy, it's grate!

Plant-based Cheese Alternatives

Ideal for Pizza topping, Hot or Cold Sandwiches, Ready meals & more … 

Our standard cuts :

  • Slices          Ø 9cm
  • Cubes         10 x 10 x 10mm
  • Shredded   Pillow Bag  1Kg 
  • Log to slice or cut  Ø 6cm to Ø 9cm

Alternatives to Cheddar, Goat Cheese, Mozzarella, Affumicata, & more … to enjoy at every meals.


License to grill!

Vegetarian Sausages Alternatives

Ideal for Cocktails, BBQ, Catering, Ready meals, & more … 

Our standard sizes :

  • Mini Snacking Ball  
  • Sausage   7 cm – 20g
  • Sausage 14 cm – 40g
  • Sausage 21 cm – 60g

Alternatives to  Italian sausages, Oriental Merguez, Classic Hot Dog & more … at all your favorite moments.

Quinoa patties

Yummy Veggy Patty

Vegetarian Quinoa Patties

Ideal as a meal with vegetable, Grill on a bun & more …

Our standard cuts :    

  • Pattie          75g Ø 7.5 cm
  • Log              +/-1kg Ø 6 cm
  • Log              +/-2.4kg Ø 7.5cm

Available Mexican style, Italian Style  & more … for a classic & easy meal.

Pate to spread

Spread the love

Plant-based spreadable’s

Ideal for catering Canapés, Sandwich filling  & more …

Our standard :

  • Log   500g   Ø 6cm
  • Log   1kg      Ø 6cm

Alternatives to Classic pâtés, Liver pâtés, Winter truffles pâtés & more …  this will enhance your starter in a delicate way.

Food service - Vegetarian & vegan pate to spread

Main course

Meet the meatless

Vegetarian & Plant-based Meat alike  

Ideal for your client favorite meal just add a garnish …

Our standard :

  • Meatless Balls     
  • Cordons Bleu    
  • Schnitzel Natural 
  • Schnitzel & plant based cheese
  • Burger Natural 
  • Nuggets 
  • Falafels
  • Burgan Natural

Alternatives to your favorite meal  & more …  this ready to eat substitute, is easy for you to prepare and will make your client definitely a happy one. 

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