Why Alternatives ?

Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Vegan... we are here to provide you alternatives to diversify your meals
Protect our health

Changing our eating habits

All generations through times have consumed Meat & Seafood products. Today, with the growing and active population, that is used to consume products from everywhere in the world and at any time of the year, has led us go towards fast foods and ready meals. It is sure practical and tasty, but not always healthy. This is why we decided to propose alternatives that will fit your dynamic lifestyle, by bringing goods that are GMO free, with no fish, meat or dairy. They are mostly soy free and organic, so that you can prepare easy meals that will fit all eating habits and beliefs.

We dedicate our know-how and experiences of several years to produce quality products, for you, your family and your friends to have a good time around delicious foods.

We propose Alternatives, we propose Passion.

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Protect our environment


Our growing consumption of meat, fish and dairy products have greatly changed the way industries work. They had to adapt their lands and production process to satisfy the demand. This impacted greatly on ethical aspects for the animals, but also on the environment. Our new way of consuming food and our growing demand has a great impact on deforestation, water waste and air pollution. Most of the fields are now used to feed the animals.

In order to reduce this impact, our production plan is 100% meat, fish and dairy free, in order to offer you a greater appreciation of the products. Most of our packaging and boxing come from recycled material. They are recyclable or reusable in order to limit waste. We are in constant research for ideas to propose the best experience while eating with good conscience.

Flavors blended with Love and Respect.


Who said eating healthy was boring ?

We propose tasty & healthy alternatives


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How to diversify your meals?

Flexitarian tips

With our busy lifestyle, we prioritized fast foods to home-cooked meals that have today consequences on the environment and our health. We offer you easy and healthy products that can be used in all our favorite meals.

Even so, we do have several recommendations:

  • Make it Tasty: Always keep in your pantry several Spices and Condiments
  • Eat Fresh: Buy only Fruits & Vegetables of the Season
  • No Food Waste: Don’t hesitate to use your freezer to have a nice selection of fruit & veggies at all moments.
  • Be inspired: We never compromised on taste, but our meat and dairy alternatives by themselves do not do the whole work! So check out yummy recipes online and in books.
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