Our Vision

Since 1998 we are dedicated in providing solutions to eat right
Our Story

Family vision since 1998

Anthony & Gregory Verhaeghe decided after their studies to pursue in the family food business.

They noticed that with our active lifestyle, it was difficult to balance our food diet. People were looking for more healthy alternatives. Always motivated for health, environmental or ethical reasons, people would also tend to look for different options to reduce their meat & fish consumption. The market of plant-based products at the time was mainly based on soy, seitan and tofu, very seldom alternatives were organic. Therefore, they have chosen to produce Soy Free Organic Vegetarian & Vegan products in 1998. This is when the adventure started with the creation of the brand Fit Food®.

The challenge was and still is, to propose easy and tasty alternatives in order for you to share quality foods with family and friends.

The Factory


The factory is 100% dedicated to Vegetarian & Vegan products.

The production plant is classified as Zero emissions and does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment. Several tools were put in place in order to guarantee a sustainable way of working:

  • Wastewater is purified before going to the sewer system
  • We use eco-labeled cleaning products
  • We recycle plastic & cardboard
  • We use reusable plastic containers in order to limit waste
  • We optimize logistics in order to limit CO2 emissions

We aim to guarantee tasty and healthy products with great traceability of ingredients & production making. This is why every product passes through raw material inspection, microbiological testing, process testing & shipping inspection. Quality & Innovation is at the center of all product creation & company decisions.

Commitment & Certifications

We have earned their trust

Because not only the products are important, but also the environment in which they are produced :

  • Our production facility is Certified BRC GS Food 8  – Grade AA  and is also committed to eco-sustainable management in these three main areas:
      • Reduce its energy consumption
      • Reflecting on the production process with the purchase of new machines more energy efficient, completing air-operated heat pumps and a low energy lighting
      • Reduce its environmental impact
  • Our production facility is Certified CERTISYS – Organic Certification.
  • Our production facility is Certified HALAL CORRECT – Halal market.
  • The products are Certified ECOCERT – Organic Certification of our distribution.
  • Both facility & distribution are Sedex Member