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All our vegetarian & plant based products are organic to make the difference.
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You deserve a break

Cold Cuts Alternatives

With our energetic schedule, we sometimes just want to grab a quick bite before getting back to work. This is why we propose Vegetarian & Vegan Cold cuts that can easily be used with your favorite dish such as a generous sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado! It can be brought for your lunch break, for your pic-nic at the park or on toasts for a get-together with friends.  You will find in the Cold Cut selection, mainly Slices, but also Cubes or Strips, that can be used as salad or pizza topping, into your quiche, or in your delicious sauce for pasta!

Open your fridge and let your imagination do the rest !

It’s not cheesy
it’s grate !

Cheese Alternatives

Here is the section for all our No-Cheese Lovers. You can find all the no dairy goodness in Slices, Blocs, Cubes or Shredded shape. All these different cuts & tastes will fit all your cravings and recipe ideas. All ours Plant Based Cheeses-like are gluten and allergen free in order for you to consume them with no moderation! They can be eaten hot or cold in a simple grilled toasty, baked in the oven for a delicious gratin, on a pizza or for pasta topping, tacos topping, classic mac’n’cheese & many more possibilities for a good time around the table with family and friends.

Dairy Free Yourself !

License to Grill!

Sausages Alternatives

It is said that good food brings people together. This is why we created Organic & Soy Free Sausages that are delicious grilled around a barbecue with friends, in a hot dog bun with your children for a movie night, baked in pastries as an appetizer for any gathering, for breakfast with toast and baked beans on a Sunday morning, or simply on a plate with mashed potatoes for a comforting meal after a day at work. Grab the opportunity to make from your meal a memorable moment with your loved ones around a simple but delicious dish.

In Sausages we trust !

Vegetarian & Vegan sausages


Quinoa patties

You want an easy and healthy meal ? You crave for something consistent but you don’t want to feel guilty either?  We have the perfect alternative for you: our Vegetarian Quinoa patties made out of a minimum of 42% of Vegetables and extra Quinoa, for a dish rich in Fiber. This is a perfect combination of healthy ingredients, easy to prepare, as it just needs a slight coloration in the pan before you eat it with a nice salad, vegetables, or in a bun for a generous veggie-burger.

It’s not a short term novelty, it’s a long term lifestyle change !


Spread the love

Pâté spread Alternative

Our spreadable pâtés are simply goodness on a slice of bread. They are Organic, soy free, with a powerful taste that will add character & smoothness at the same time for your taste buds. Imagine yourself coming back from the bakery shops with a nice loaf of bread, cut a generous slice, just spread the delicate Vegan Pâté and it is ready! It can be served with salad for your meal or as an appetizer for a cocktail or any social event that you may spend with your loved ones.

You choose your Pâté to spread love !

Vegetarian & Vegan pate to spread

Meet the meatless

Main Course Alternatives

You will find here all our Vegetarian & Vegan meat alike alternatives, a must to be shared with family and friends at all time. Just simply baked, grilled or pan fried.  You choose your way to prepare your favorite classic meal and just accommodate them with the garnish off your choice. These alternatives will make you the chef, in any meal occasion.

The chief ingredient in yummy food is love !