Why Vegetarian & Vegan

GET-INSPIRED_Burger-lightLooking for an organic alternative, vegetarian and healthy to your daily diet, which can easily be consumed? You are not a vegetarian but looking for a well-being diet? Go ahead and adopt LINCK products line! Out of of our 3 lines you will find what will suit you and your family.

Our products are made from wheat grains or soy base, vegetables organic or not, GMO free. Rich in Omega 3 and low in cholesterol, they are the allies of your wellbeing. Suitable for all, they can be eaten at any time, providing through creative flavors, substantial nutritional benefits.

Easily and quickly prepared, they are an ideal solution to our busy lifestyles, leaving us little room to cook every meal. Indeed, today, eating « on the go » should no longer be synonymous with « junk food ». LINCK product line is a real alternative offering dishes quickly prepared, just to warm up or eaten cold. At the office, with friends, on a picnic, cocktail or dinner, our products fit all your needs in all circumstances.

We have developed different product line, innovative and surprising to delight every customer, young or older. Without meat, our products meet consumer expectations of vegetarian or meat lovers who want to find a healthier alternative to their meals by reducing their consumption of meat products. Our products are multicultural to satisfy each of you. To be enjoyed hot or cold, you’d think of the traditional cold cut or sausages, like the Salami or Cordon Bleu that are fresh and delicious. Everything is well prepared to challenge your taste buds: the right mix of vegetables and cereals, the combination of spices and natural colors make our product line unique. You may be surprised to see your children discover or rediscover the pleasure of vegetables, eating them with envy, turning it all in festive meals. Enjoy the conviviality of a meal with friends, family and meet your dietary beliefs. LINCK created a unique dining experience to share with ease.

Who said that veggies does not rhyme with delight?