Our History

Anthony & Gregory Verhaeghe are two brothers who decided after their studies to pursue in the family business of food export.

They observed and understood the market needs and figured that there were not much diversity in meat & dairy alternatives and that most products were based on soy, seitan and tofu.

After a year of research & development, they created the line of 100% Organic and soy free products, carried by the brand Fit Food.

It was in 1998, and that’s when the family adventure began.


The purpose of Linck is to propose Vegetarian & Vegan products as an alternative to meat and dairy products.

The products are produced with high quality ingredients in order to satisfy the consumers by the smell, the looks and most importantly the taste.

People have busy schedules but are still looking for an environmental friendly lifestyle, and this is where we interfere with tasty, healthy and easy to cook products.

We propose more than 200 references of products that will satisfy all eating habits and that consumers will share confidently with family and friends.

All our products are GMO free, artificial colorants free and artificial conservatives free.