Commitment & Certification

Our production facility is Certified BRC Level 7 Grade AA and is committed to an eco-sustainable management of its business in three main areas:

  • Reduce its energy consumption.
  • Reflecting on the production process that was conducted leading to the purchase of new machines more energy efficient, completing an air-operated heat pumps and a low energy lighting.
  • Reduce its environmental impact.

The factory is 100% dedicated to Vegan & Vegetarian products; no meat is manufactured

Our property is classified as non-polluting and does not release any chemicals and by so, a wastewater treatment system was developed to purify water before it’s discharged into the sewer system. We also use eco-labeled cleaning products and recycle plastic and cardboard.

For delivery, we optimize travel by focusing commands to limit CO2 emissions, and put in place reusable plastic containers in order to limit waste.


We remain open to developments and improvements we could implement in our facility or with our partners to be increasingly proactive on sustainable development.


Our production facility is Certified CERTISYS for the Organic Certification.

Our production facility is Certified HALAL CORECT for the Halal market.

LINCK is Certified ECOCERT for the Organic Certification of our distribution.

LINCK is a Sedex Member.


Quality and Innovation have always been at the center of all product creation and company decisions. As we are always open to new ideas.

We want to guarantee tasty and healthy products with great traceability of ingredients and production making.

This is why every product passes through :

  • Raw material inspection
  • Microbiological testing
  • Process testing
  • Shipping inspection