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Potins chics by Solène Ruggirello

Solène Ruggirello is a young blogger from Monaco who loves to share tips about her travelling spots, her favorite restaurants and meals, and her favorite topic: fashion.

She is always chasing new trends and experience different products in order to share with us what she thinks about it.

She was doing her shopping when she saw the vegetarian & vegan products from Linck, and in no time she decided to try them and share with us her thoughts and recipes.

Results: She and her friends prepared an Italian Pizza with a mix of different cheeses from the Vegan Deli brand, two types of hot dogs with Fitfood Wiener sausages, two types of kebabs with Veggitude falafels and an appetizer plate with a mix of Vegan Deli cheeses and Fitfood Texas slices. All those delicious foods with extra cherry tomatoes, olives and of course…good company, is the secret to a successful day!

Check her article on her bloghttp://potinschics.com/un-petit-apero-vegetarian-vegan-bio-food/

Her Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Potinschics/

Her Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/soleneruggirello/

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