Our History

linck about usThe Secret of a Wonderful Family Adventure

In 1998, Anthony and Gregory Verhaeghe decided at the end of their studies (production and marketing) to integrate the family business specialized in the export of meat and meat products, a sector hit very hard by the dioxin crisis.

Visionary and concerned of providing a healthy alternative to consumers, Anthony Verhaeghe, supported by the family company team, strong of 30 years of business expertise, decided to start a new production unit in Belgium of organic vegetarian product. FIT FOOD product line was launch!

With a year of research and development, to develop organic products, tasty and visually attractive.

Also after a study conducted in Europe to determine the products already existing on the vegetarian market , Anthony and Gregory found that all of them were limited and based on Soy, Seitan, Tofu, Mycoprotein and Corn instead consumers expect products of high quality, withorganic ingredients but different. LINCK then proposes a range of products based on vegetables and wheat, no soy, to meet customer request and demand under the brand of FIT FOOD.

Before being placed on the market, all LINCK products are tested before getting its organic label, by ECOCERT SA, who is the inspection and certification body for sustainable development controlling products labeled organic.

The commercialization phase can begin. Priority is given to the implementation of the product within specialized stores in Europe where the market is booming. LINCK and its FIT FOOD line became known through various trade shows from the organic world across Europe, the Middle East, Asia & North America, and meeting everywhere with great success.

Further on the road consumer were looking for ready meal, and that when VEGGITUDE arrived refreshing anchor dishes revisited like Cordon Bleu, Meatless Balls all organic with a defatted soybean base.

And now a new challenge open up by getting also our Vegetarian products under a non-organic label, with the same standards of quality, flavors & testing. This is to open to anyone who is looking for a healthy alternative to meat. Flexitarian growing every year and looking for our products in regular store instead of specialized one.